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EBANI Moves into Phase II Contract

The Air Force Research Labratories recently awarded Securboration, Inc. with a Phase II research and development contract for the EBANI (Effects-Based Approach to Neutralizing IED’s) project.

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As demonstrated in Iraq and Afghanistan, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) have proven to be the insurgency’s most effective method to counter US military superiority. EBANI addresses the challenges associated with defeating the terrorist and insurgent network behind IED attacks. The successful Phase I evolution demonstrated that EBANI’s inclusion of cultural, motivational, historical, political, and economical root causes within a formalized computational model can be used to understand how to gain local support and leverage it to disrupt insurgent networks and capabilities. While EBANI focuses on the IED threat, IED’s are basically a tool that terrorists using to acheive their goals. The effects-based techniques used in EBANI are also applicable to countering the terrorist’s next, currently unforeseen, weapon.


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