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Securboration Wins Extension to MPICE Analytical Stability Model Contract

The Army Corps of Engineers announced that Securboration was awarded a Phase II extension contracts for their research and development project MASM (MPICE Analytical Stability Model). This contract was awarded on June 10th, 2009 to cover the 2-year Phase II SBIR evolution.

MPICE and other metrics based approaches do not provide necessary insights and situational understanding with respects to how the US Government is progressing towards meeting its strategic, operational, and tactical objectives. MASM addresses these issues by formalizing the complex casual relationships through the use of advanced computation modeling techniques such as social network analysis, ontological modeling, and Bayesian-based reasoning. MASM will ultimately enable the situation understanding of MPICE metrics with respect to contributing, interrelated factors and in terms of addressing progress towards meeting US Government objectives.


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Securboration, Inc.