Securboration, Inc.

Securboration, Inc. invited to join Knowledge Management Laboratory Center as an Associate Member

Securboration, Inc. has joined the Knowledge Management Laboratory (KML) Center as an Associate Member. The KML Center is a nonprofit, hands-on lab that woks closely with Scott Air Force Base and USTRANSCOM to provide research, implementation, and evaluation of advanced Information Technology (IT). The Lab facilitates collaborations between IT organizations (commercial, government, and academic) and USTRANSCOM on distributed and intelligent information-management technologies. As an associate member, Securboration holds a seat on the KML Advisory Board and is actively participating in the research projects at the KML. This provides an opportunity for Securboration to focus research on meeting USTRANSCOM’s knowledge management challenges, and to transition this research into operational use at USTRANSCOM. As an example, Securboration plans on using the KML as a test and integration environment for the recently awarded OGEP SBIR Phase II enhancement . The KML will host certified SOA stacks that can be used to demonstrate new information systems technologies in an environment that closely matches USTRANSCOM certification and production environments. OGEP’s use of the KML will position the developed technology for rapid transition from a research program to a production capability at USTRASCOM.

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Securboration Wins Contract to Develop Enterprise Semantic Content, Services, and Tools for USTRANSCOM and AFRL!

The U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) have combined to award Securboration a $1M contract to develop semantic representations of USTRANSCOM’s enterprise. As part of this effort Securboration will develop a layer of services that provide access to, and search of, the enterprise semantic content. The semantic services and content will be used by USTRANSCOM requirements analysts and enterprise architects as part of their corporate governance process. This contact is an enhancement of Securboration’s Small Business Innovative Research contract Ontology Generation and Evolution Processor (OGEP).

Securboration, Inc.