Securboration, Inc.

Securboration Awarded Contract for Many-Core Operating System Efficiency

Securboration has been awarded a contract by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) for researching and defining operating system mechanisms to efficiently partition, communicate, and execute programs on many-core systems. Thermal constraints have led manufacturers to increase the number of computing cores instead of increasing clock speed. This contract aims to focus on allowing efficient operation of many programs which can be easily maintainable, adapatable, and usable by administrators with minimal training as number of processors, memory, and available communications bandwidth change.

Securboration Awarded Air Force Contract for Link Analysis of Knowledge from Social Media

Securboration has been awarded an Air Force contract to research providing link analysis of knowledge extracted from social media communications. The social media involved will include blogs, Twitter-like messages, social networking posts, and bulletin board threads. Securboration’s experience with semantic technologies will be leveraged to assist the military need to visualize knowledge extracted from social media communications with the same fidelity provided by using traditional sources.

Securboration Teams with C5T for Organizational Enablement Task

Securboration has teamed with C5T at USTRANSCOM to develop an organizational enablement model to transition AT21 and semantic related technology into the Fusion Center. The Organizational Enablement task will include building organizational enablement process charters, models, and procedures including semantics.  It will involve analyzing the current organization relative to its structure, roles and responsibilities, and skills of the organizations relative to the expected roles and responsibilities and skills in the developed tools. This effort will synchronize with the many moving parts of this USTRANSCOM enterprise so as to support the higher level vision, leverage on-going work / current capability, produce better capability for the enterprise, transition technology to the operational environment, and to enhance the Fusion Center knowledge model.

Securboration, Inc.