Securboration, Inc.

Securboration Awarded Contract to Automatically Mark Intelligence Data With Appropriate Classification

Securboration has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Air Force to automate classification and releaseability marking of intelligence data by using metadata tagging to speed sharing of information between multiple, independent security domains. The goal of this effort is to provide almost real-time exchange, dissemination, search, access, display and association of disparate information across multiple communities of interest. Inconsistent population of sensor data fields are currently hampering the sharing of data and slows analysis by requiring the analyst to manually search multiple sources for significant data. Securboration will apply semantic modeling to provide a solution that not only explains the rationale for marking to the user but also can be easily tailored by the analyst as needed.

Securboration to Research Link Analysis of Knowledge from Social Media for Air Force

Securboration has been awarded an Air Force contract to research link analysis of knowledge extracted from social media communications. The social media involved will include blogs, Twitter-like messages, social networking posts, and bulletin board threads. Securboration’s experience with semantic technologies will be leveraged to assist the military’s need to visualize knowledge extracted from social media communications with the same fidelity provided by using traditional sources.

Securboration Awarded Air Force Contract to Improve Understanding of Blue Force Readiness Awareness

Securboration has been selected by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to define, develop and demonstrate innovative approaches to accurately present and represent globally-distributed blue force readiness and capability in a timely manner. Securboration will develop the Blue-force Awareness Capability and Understanding System (BACUS). This system will collect blue force information from multiple sources, perform semantic reasoning over this gathered information with respect to current mission strategies, generate a representation of the blue force state in standardized interoperable formats, and publish the representation to systems that support Integrated Battle Planning Capability. These capabilities in BACUS will enable it to help improve the blue force situational awareness in the battle planning community.

Securboration, Inc.