Securboration, Inc.

Securboration Awarded U.S. Army Contract for Augmented Reality for Tactical Edge Analysis

Securboration has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army to further develop a cognitive knowledge-aided interface along with supporting information processing techniques to exploit very large data streams and autonomously highlight areas of interest for personnel with limited or no prior knowledge of the area. Securboration will enhance their Augmented Reality for Tactical Edge Analysis (ARTEA) system to satisfy the requirements. ARTEA will apply deep machine learning and noise reduction algorithms to big-data social media streams to identify patterns, extract attitude trends and shifts, and present the most salient features of the derived knowledge immediately to the edge soldier via non-intrusive augmented reality devices such as Google Glass. ARTEA will use a new approach to knowledge discovery that will flatten the intelligence hierarchy by using social media to enable the edge soldier to act as a vital, active participant in the analysis process.

Securboration Awarded $40 million Air Force IDIQ Contract

Securboration has received an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract from the U.S. Air Force. This five year contract has a ceiling value of $40 million. It will include future Securboration work to develop and transition foundational research in semantics and related technologies to provide and enhance capabilities in weapons systems to warfighters in today’s information intensive battle space using SBIR-developed technology.




Securboration Awarded Air Force Contract for Identity and Access Management Modernization Initiatives at USTRANSCOM

Securboration has been awarded an Air Force contract to support Identity and Access Management (IdAM) modernization initiatives at United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM).  IdAM is the combination of technical systems, policies and processes that create, define, and govern the utilization and safeguarding of identity information, as well as managing the relationship between an entity and the resources to which access is needed.  This effort will leverage Securboration’s expertise in Access Control, Attribute Based Identity, Identity Provider technology, application development, auditing and service oriented architectures to facilitate a comprehensive IdAM strategy for the enterprise.

Securboration Awarded Army Contract for a Secure DIB Query Service for Redaction

Securboration has been awarded an Army contract to provide a secure Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Integration Backbone (DIB) query service for redaction and fine grained access control. Securboration is developing the DIB Product Redaction (Pro-Dact) System for this effort. Pro-Dact will meet the requirements for automated product marking and metacard filtering and redaction; enabling intelligence product sharing from Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) to consumers such as Special Operations Forces.

Securboration, Inc.