Securboration, Inc.

About Us

Securboration was founded in 2001 to address collaboration needs of the DoD, particularly in the areas of scenario generation for complex simulations. With funding from the Small Business Innovative Research Program, Securboration developed innovative techniques to support large-scale military exercises by seamlessly integrating configuration data from multitudes of stand-alone simulation participants. This automated the translation, synchronization, and distribution of data to provide ‘ground-truth’ to initiate complex distributed military exercises.

Securboration has continued to evolve our expertise, pioneering techniques to transform data into knowledge and exchanging that knowledge within the collaboration process. We use a combination of artificial intelligence and service oriented concepts to facilitate and exchange knowledge in areas such as Effects-Based operations, Force Management, and Adversarial Modeling.

As early as 2001 with our first contract Scenario Generation, Securboration understood the value of distributed architectures and the Service Oriented Architecture paradigm, and have always practiced the principles of what has become DoD’s Net-Centric Vision. We continue to be a driving force in developing net-centric solutions for our customers to meet collaboration needs of in areas such as the U.S. Air Operations Center and U.S. Joint Forces Command.

Corporate Divisions

Securboration has grown into an organization that includes Command and Control Subject Matter Expertise, Research and Development, Engineering, and Applications Divisions. Together, the Securboration Team has the full range of expertise to meet our customers needs.

C2 Innovations Division

Provide world-class command and control subject-matter expertise to the customer for development of processes, doctrine, requirements, and technologies. Learn more >>

Research and Development, Special Programs Division

Identify and manage company research topics, cross-functional coordination, and employee opportunities which complement Securboration core focus areas. Learn more >>

Software Innovations Division

Develop, advance, and maintain Securboration technologies, ensuring that they are developed using accepted engineering practices, principles, methodologies and reuse strategies. Learn More >>

Product Development and Applications Division

Leverage Securboration technologies and expertise to identify and exploit development opportunities within the Defense, Government, and commercial sectors. Learn More >>

Securboration, Inc.