Securboration, Inc.

C2 Innovations Division

Securboration established the C2 Innovations Division to bring a unique warfighter focus to technology development. This division is built around subject-matter experts (SMEs) with military backgrounds in the operational-level C2 field. Securboration’s belief that a strong relationship must exist between; doctrine & concepts, operations & training, and research & development was the basis for C2 Innovations. Part of the division’s growth is focused on creation of the Center of Excellence for C2 Innovations which focuses on the Effects-Based Approach to Operations (EBAO) domain leading the C2 community in the establishment of related concepts, processes, and doctrine. Through the C2CoE Securboration is dedicated to the advancement of the state of the art in operational-level C2.

Securboration SMEs are deeply imbedded in the Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL) R&D community. They have supported or are supporting such programs as Next Generation Assessment Environment (XGEN), Advanced Capability for Understanding and Managing Effect Networks (ACUMEN), Operational Effects Assessment Visualization Tool (OEAVT), Tactical Assessment Tool for Effects-Based Assessment (TATE), Cultural Awareness Trainer for Operations Planners (CATOP), Strategy Planning Visualization Tool (SPVT), and Information Warfare Planning Capability (IWPC).

Securboration believes a key to operational success will be understanding and application of the Effects-Based Approach to Operations (EBAO). EBAO focuses on ability to affect an adversary’s behavior and/or capabilities through the integrated application of select instruments of national power. It improves the harmonization and sequencing of military operations with the actions of other instruments of power to achieve unity of effort. EBAO connects strategic and operational objectives with operational and tactical tasks by identifying desired and undesired effects within the operational environment (OE).

Securboration understands that EBAO seeks to develop a shared understanding of the OE among all members of the joint, interagency, and multinational team, thereby facilitating unity of effort. EBAO visualizes the OE as an interconnected system-of-systems comprised of friends, adversaries, and the unaligned. And finally, it clarifies strategic and operational objectives by appreciating systemic effects-behavior changes separated in space and time from their causative actions. What EBAO does, then, is represent a way of thinking about problems and providing solutions in any situation.

Our SMEs’ cross-domain awareness and ability to understand gaps will pay great dividends for future warfighter capabilities. We look at ways to integrate processes, being user-community, rather than system, oriented. The central objective of C2 Innovations is to bring a warfighter focus in all the technology we develop and to assure that servicing the warfighter is always central to our approach.

Securboration, Inc.