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Products Solutions Division

Since inception Securboration has completed numerous research efforts which have spawned a number of promising technologies and methodologies with commercial potential. In order to exploit public and private sector commercialization opportunities Securboration has established the Product Development and Applications Division. The vision of the Product Development and Application Division is to expand the scope and applicability or our research into viable public sector and private sector systems and applications based on user and customer defined processes.

Securboration’s promising work in the areas of Service Oriented Architecture, Adversarial Modeling, Collaborative Systems, Business Process Functionality, Effects-based Approaches to Military Operations, Semantic Modeling and Simulation have led to the development of several promising application product lines. Thus far we have completed development programs, based on exploitation of our research efforts, for the Air Force and the Joint Forces Command.

Securboration has utilized a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as the foundation architecture for construction of research driven Proof of Concept (POC) prototypes. Securboration’s SOA approach is unique in that it seeks to exploit existing (available) applications as well as integrate new applications in a web-service environment. A web ontology is used to provide a robust encoding of domain knowledge to capture the semantic understanding needed for sharing terms. This domain knowledge structure permits rapid integration of new and existing applications within the SOA framework. It was this SOA structure and approach developed under research programs that led to the opportunity within the JFCOM to construct the Warfighter SOA platform. In the most fundamental terms, the Warfighter SOA platform automates, in a consistent manner, the manual and tedious processes the J3 Force Analysis warfighter goes through to perform their job. A variety of heterogeneous data stores and applications are encapsulated within structured work-flow processes to access, generate, and disseminate readiness information.

Securboration has applied its effects-based technology to the difficult task of assessing the operational warfighting environment. This assessment has been focused on elements of the strategy described in a plan. The problem, though, has always been approached from the perspective of what we can do to influence that environment, without first characterizing its holistic state. Securboration has developed a powerful solution in the form of its Next Generation Assessment Environment (XGEN). Through XGEN Securboration is using ontological-based modeling and inferencing to evaluate Effects Based Operations, in particular Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure, and Information (PMESII) effects. Securboration is planning to participate in JEFX 08, as part of the DASEA Critical Experiment to demonstrate and evaluate this technology as well as to support scenario construction using Securboration’s EBO Scenario Generation (SGen) tool. The techniques used in DASEA with respect to marrying the SGen technologies with the ontological inferencing will help validate the modeling approach, particularly in the common operating ontology.

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