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Securboration Awarded Intelligent C2 Content Distribution System Contract

The Air Force Research Laboratory (Rome Labs) has awarded Securboration a $100,000 Phase I SBIR contract for research and development of secure web-based content distribution systems. Securboration will develop an Intelligent C2 Content Distribution System (IC2CDS) for application in tactical military domains that are susceptible to disconnected, intermittent, and limited connectivity.  Content distribution systems in the commercial world rely on highly available, often private, communications networks and edge nodes that assure speed of access to the end users.  To address this problem, Securboration has teamed with Circadence Corporation, a provider of highly optimized WAN communications systems and with Relevant Security Corporation who provides low latency encryption of data at rest and in transit.  Built upon these technologies, Securboration will develop semantic solutions that make optimal use of the available bandwidth to communicate and position intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) information needs to the edges of the tactical communication network.

Securboration Awarded Army Network Centric Operations Contract

Securboration has been awarded a contract from the Army Research Laboratory for assessment of Network Centric Operations (NCO). In this effort, Securboration is working with the University of Texas, El Paso to evaluate the information sharing needs for agencies involved in efforts such as counter terrorism, border security, and stability and reconstruction. This includes evaluating the development, testing, and operational deployment of NCO systems to meet these requirements.

Securboration Awarded Cyber Semantic Account Management Service Contract

The U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and the Air Force SBIR Transition Support Program (Commercialization Pilot Program) have cooperatively awarded Securboration a $1.15M contract for development of a Cyber Semantic Account Management Service (C-SAMS). C-SAMS will automate time consuming and ad hoc measures that are now in place within the Global C4 Coordination Center (GCCC) to identify and respond to potential cyber-attack. This work is the continuation of an Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Phase II SBIR, Semantic Policy Broker (SEMPBro), which focuses on specification and implementation of an organization’s policies through the use of semantic models.  Under the C-SAMS contract SEMPBro will be enhanced to learn an organization’s true “operational policies” by augmenting explicitly stated policy with observed actual user behavior. These “operational policies” are then used in operational settings to monitor user activity for compliance with organization norms, as well as user specific characteristics. The C-SAMS award has commitments from USTRANSCOM for two years of follow on development, each funded with an additional $500K.

Securboration chosen as Top 50 Florida Company

Securboration has been recognized as one of fifty companies in the inaugural class of Florida Companies to Watch. This elite group of companies were selected based on technical innovation, business leadership, job creation, financial growth, and community support. The selection process occurred over several months as companies were evaluated by a panel of judges representing areas of economic development, banking, entrepreneurship, and small business. To be eligible for consideration of this award, each company must be characterized as a second-stage company, meaning they are established and growing firms, and be headquartered in Florida.

Securboration Demonstrates Cloud Security at U.S. Transportation Command

December 7, 2010:  Securboration working alongside Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Cal Poly CADRC and CDM Technologies presented a demonstration at the Knowledge Management Laboratory (KML) to members of United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) staff using Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) 2.0 . This demonstration was a part of the KML’s efforts to perform analysis and recommendation related to current and emerging security architecture models for cloud computing.  Focus of the exhibit was the use of Claims-Based Security to establish a Security Token Service (STS) able to sustain access-control for a SOA-based Cloud computing environment.  Highlights of the presentation included the decoupling aspect of the authentication logic from the applications, thus allowing the applications residing in the cloud to be portable while also being secure by sharing the same STS. This separation of authentication enables the use of any authentication mechanism.  The demonstration successfully staged the power of Claims-Based Security by including cross-domain access, claims transformation (upgrading/downgrading access) and emergency escalation of access while being transparent to web applications in the cloud.

Securboration Awarded Army Geospatial Information System Contract

Securboration has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center / Army Geospatial Center to develop the “Stability and Reconstruction Geographical Information Systems” or STARGIS. This effort will provide the Army with sophisticated geospatial mappings of socio-cultural characteristics and enable them to better understand the human terrain where they are operating. This will directly benefit the tactical troops on the ground that need to interact on a daily basis with local populations during counterinsurgency operations.

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