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Securboration to Present at 2012 Semantic Tech & Business Conference

Securboration President, Bruce McQueary, will be presenting at the 2012 Semantic Tech & Business Conference in San Francisco, California. The conference is June 3-7, 2012 and will include topics such as Big Data, Context/Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Information Architecture and more. Mr. McQueary will be discussing applying semantics-based content analysis to understanding the effects of weak signals in diverse environments including understanding weak signals indicators in social media.

Securboration Teams on Command and Control of Cyber Assets for Mission Assurance

Securboration, Inc. has teamed with the Boeing Company on the Command and Control of Cyber Assets for Mission Assurance (C2 CAMA) project.  C2 CAMA is an Air Force Research Lab contract for development of essential mission assurance and defensive planning capabilities for Cyber Command and Control Operators and Planners. Securboration products and expertise in semantic reasoning will provide critical capabilities in the areas of dynamic mission essential functions mapping, environment posture mapping, and general anomaly detection and analysis.

Securboration to Develop Automated Test Suite for GE Transportation

Securboration has been selected by General Electric (GE) Transportation to develop an Enterprise Based Automated Test Suite for their Railway Solutions Division.  This Web based test suite will be designed and implemented such that it is capable of performing nightly checkout, builds, deployments and execution of unit, subsystem and system level testing in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment.  The result of this new capability will be a highly configurable, automated test suite framework that provides for early software defect detection and substantially reduces overall software development cost.

Securboration Awarded Knowledge Discovery and Dissemination Contract

Securboration is part of a team awarded a Phase II Knowledge Discovery and Dissemination (KDD) contract by AFRL Dayton. This project will develop new and novel ways for analysts to quickly produce actionable intelligence using information from multiple data sources. CUBRC ( is the prime contractor while Securboration brings its valuable experience with applying semantic technologies.

Securboration Selected to Develop Handheld Applications for Rapid Epidemiological Analysis

Securboration has been selected by the Office of the Secretary of Defense to develop handheld Applications for Rapid Epidemiological Analysis (AREA). AREA will support the United States Military as it continues to expand its efforts into non-kinetic operations that emphasize Stabilization, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction Operations (SSTRO) and Humanitarian Aid / Disaster Relief Operations.  To support the applications development, Securboration has assembled a team of experts from the medical community that includes professionals who have participated in disaster response missions; experts in infectious diseases, bio-terrorism, epidemics and pandemics; and authorities with detailed knowledge of the Military Health System. These experts will guide application development that is based on Securboration’s suite of content analysis products. The resulting AREA product will be handheld device applications that can provide simple, easy to use health surveillance, epidemiological analysis and forecasting capabilities.

Securboration to Develop Support for Cultural Reasoning and Ethnographic Analysis for the Tactical Environment

Securboration has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research & Development Center to develop the Multi-theory Organization and Research Framework or MORF. This effort will support the Cultural Reasoning and Ethnographic Analysis for the Tactical Environment (CREATE) by providing an analytical framework to assess vulnerability and resilience of a community with respect to disaster events. MORF will apply Securboration’s suite of content analysis tools to unstructured data sources and evaluate the vulnerability or sensitivity of a community to disaster events, as well as the community’s resilience or adaptability to cope.

Securboration Awarded Knowledge Management Contract

The United States Transportation Command Operations Directorate (USTRANSCOM/J3) has awarded Securboration a contract to support the J3 Knowledge Management Officer by providing automated intelligence to organize, prioritize and route incoming mission critical messages. By leveraging Securboration’s Semantic Grounding Mechanism, Action Officers will be able to rapidly assess the condition of the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (JDDE) in order to determine lift asset availability as well as infrastructure constraints to properly influence force movement planning and sustainment decisions. Applying Securboration’s suite of semantic technologies to the vast amount of incoming data will greatly reduce Action Officer monitoring workloads and focus attention on time sensitive mission critical information.

Securboration Selected for Phase II Army Geospatial Information System Contract

Securboration has been selected for a Phase II SBIR contract from the U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center / Army Geospatial Center to further develop the “Stability and Reconstruction Geographical Information Systems” (STARGIS). Tactical troops on the ground that need to interact on a daily basis with local populations during counterinsurgency operations can get a sophisticated geospatial visualization of socio-cultural characteristics related those populations. This gives them a better understanding of the human terrain where they are operating.

Securboration Delivers Cyber Capability to USTRANSCOM

Securboration, Inc. delivered the Alpha version of their Cyber Semantic Account Monitoring System (C-SAMS) to the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) Global C4 Coordination Center (GCCC). C-SAMS addresses an organization’s need to proactively monitor how their information technology resources are being used.  C-SAMS uses a combination of statistical and semantic modeling and analysis techniques to develop models of expected and/or allowable user behavior and then proactively monitors the system,  detecting deviations from those behaviors. C-SAMS continues to be enhanced as a Commercialization Pilot Program (CPP) Project formalized with a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Technology Transition Plan (STTP) agreement between Securboration, Inc., Air Force Research Laboratory and USTRANSCOM.

Securboration President, Bruce McQueary, emphasizes the importance of this milestone, “this represents the benefit of the SBIR Program to the Government in general, and in this case specifically DoD and its mission critical transportation command. The technology that enables this sophisticated system was developed and matured through the SBIR program, and now is being deployed into an operational command. It represents a true success story for the SBIR Program from all perspectives.”

Securboration Transitions Semantic Requirements Tool into USTRANSCOM Enterprise Integration Laboratory

Securboration has initiated the process for transitioning the Semantic Requirements Tool RDT&E project into operational use at USTRANSCOM. Adhering to the USTRANSCOM Corporate Services Governance process, Securboration has inserted the software into the Enterprise Integration Laboratory (EIL) for testing and integration. It is expected that the transition process will be completed in summer 2011 allowing for the Semantic Requirements Tool to be brought online for use at USTRANSCOM. The Semantic Requirements Tool leverages the Semantic Core Services developed by Securboration for USTRANSCOM to aid enterprise users in the composition and submission of USTRANSCOM enterprise requirements.

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