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Warfighter Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Platform, directly addresses two pressing military issues:

  1. improved joint force management
  2. affordable capabilities.

The Warfighter SOA platform pulls together four foundation technologies to create a new approach to development and deployment of services which consist of:

  1. A Semantic Engine
  2. Grid Computing
  3. SOA Registry
  4. Agile Development Environment

This new approach allows the SOA to be driven by model-based enactment, using registration of service based on semantics instead of interface specification. In addition, it takes advantage of policy enforcement. The effort is centered on investigating techniques to improve the way services are developed and deployed. The USJFCOM Readiness and Deployment Communities of Exchange (CoEx) grew out of this effort. Techniques from COEUS enable interoperable CoEx in a structured process driven SOA environment.

Securboration, Inc.