Securboration, Inc.

Securboration Awarded Air Force Adaptive Workspace Contract

Securboration has been selected by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to explore, systematically study and develop technology that enables computers to proactively support analyst activity. The goal is to provide a bidirectional human and information technology partnership where the computer learns, adapts and informs analysts based on their typical practices, situational context, and available data content. The system under development, referred to as the Adaptive Data Immersion Environment or ADIEN, combines machine learning, text analytics, and semantic search to learn and evolve user preferences based on individual usage patterns. Additionally, as new data products become available they will be automatically identified and seamlessly added into analyst’s workspace. These capabilities in ADIEN will enable it to act as personalized, proactive assistant that can automatically tailor the workspace to the analyst’s needs while also automatically identifying and processing information potentially relevant to their missions.

Securboration Awarded Air Force Contract for Link Analysis of Knowledge from Social Media

Securboration has been awarded an Air Force contract to research providing link analysis of knowledge extracted from social media communications. The social media involved will include blogs, Twitter-like messages, social networking posts, and bulletin board threads. Securboration’s experience with semantic technologies will be leveraged to assist the military need to visualize knowledge extracted from social media communications with the same fidelity provided by using traditional sources.

Securboration Awarded Intelligent C2 Content Distribution System Contract

The Air Force Research Laboratory (Rome Labs) has awarded Securboration a $100,000 Phase I SBIR contract for research and development of secure web-based content distribution systems. Securboration will develop an Intelligent C2 Content Distribution System (IC2CDS) for application in tactical military domains that are susceptible to disconnected, intermittent, and limited connectivity.  Content distribution systems in the commercial world rely on highly available, often private, communications networks and edge nodes that assure speed of access to the end users.  To address this problem, Securboration has teamed with Circadence Corporation, a provider of highly optimized WAN communications systems and with Relevant Security Corporation who provides low latency encryption of data at rest and in transit.  Built upon these technologies, Securboration will develop semantic solutions that make optimal use of the available bandwidth to communicate and position intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) information needs to the edges of the tactical communication network.

Securboration awarded Air Force Reserve Command Semantic Enterprise Architecture Development

Securboration was awarded a follow-on contract to continue development of the Semantic Enterprise Architecture (EA) for the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) at Robins AFB, Warner Robins, GA. The semantic EA utilizes an architecturally driven approach to manage AFRC’s current command systems IT portfolio with the objective of transforming current stovepipe IT systems to a loosely coupled, standards based, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This award is a continuation of the existing 5 year IDIQ contract with the Air Force Research Lab in Rome, NY.

Air Force Awards Securboration Contract to Develop Virtual Hybrid Architecture System!

The Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) has awarded Securboration a $750,000 contract to develop a Virtual Hybrid Architecture System (VHACS) for the Air Force Electronic Systems Command (ESC). VHACS enables algorithms to be discovered and composed dynamically to meet changing conditions of the operational environment, where constraints must be rapidly aligned with algorithm capabilities. This holistic approach to composing advanced algorithms and models allows them to be leveraged to a much greater degree during the decision making process.

Securboration, Inc.