Dr. Lowell Vizenor

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Lowell Vizenor is Chief Technology Officer at Securboration, Inc. He joined Securboration in 2014. He has extensive experience in translating semantic technology, natural language processing and machine learning research into operational applications. His current focus is on commercializing Securboration’s core Natural Language Processing technologies into AI Simpliciter, a microservice platform that combines advanced graph analytics, AI/ML infused natural language processing (NLP) and semantic technologies on a secure cloud to deliver machine intelligence to humans into operation systems. He has published numerous papers in the area of ontology, has been an invited speaker, and has organized conferences in the area of ontology and semantic technologies. He has experience working for both academia and industry. Dr. Vizenor also has extensive experience in formal knowledge representation. He was part of the original research team that developed Basic Formal Ontology (BFO), at the Institute for Formal Ontology and Medical Information Science (IFOMIS). He was the technical lead for UCore Semantic Layer ontology and provided ontology consultation to the developers of C2 Core ontology. Dr. Vizenor earned a Philosophy Ph.D. degree from the University at Buffalo specializing in formal ontology.