Securboration, Inc.

Securboration shares transition success story at 2012 National SBIR Beyond Phase II Conference

Mr. Stirtzinger was a speaker at the 2012 National SBIR Beyond Phase II Conference. As a panel member for the Small Business Case Studies session, Mr. Stirtzinger presented his experience with successfully transitioning three SBIR technologies into operational capabilities at USTRANSCOM over the last two years. Each of these SBIR efforts achieved TRL 9. The presentation focused on Securboration’s company-wide directive on executing SBIR efforts with a high priority on transition opportunities. Integral to this company-wide approach is the early introduction of research to operational Commands and commercial companies. Early exposure to the DoD warfighter community and continued involvement throughout  the research helps insure that real needs are addressed and functional support can be directly delivered to end users.

$32M Phase III Contract Awarded to Securboration!

On September 15th, 2009, the U.S. Air Force formally announced that Securboration, Inc. was awarded a Phase III extension contract to their C2OSIF SBIR contract.

Defense Link released the following information regarding the contact:

Securboration, Inc. of Melbourne, Fla., was awarded a $32,000,000 contract which will provide transition and development command and control ontology-based semantic interoperability framework technologies to enable the passing of vital pieces of information between operational systems in a timely manner and to allow for critical linkage of data between the entities that require them as a step in achieving DoD net centric compliance.

Securboration, Inc.