VIBRANT is a defensive cyber technology that monitors mission-critical cyber-assets, using novel machine learning techniques.

VIBRANT identifies anomalous behaviors in these assets that could signal an attack, misconfiguration, or misuse.




VIBRANT empowers mission-critical avionics systems with real-time intelligence for swift response to cyber threats.


  • Actionable intelligence against cyber-attacks.
  • Real-time visibility and impact analysis.
  • Detection of sophisticated attacks and problematic conditions.
  • Engaging visualizations and insightful metrics for mission-critical systems.


VIBRANT employs cutting-edge machine learning techniques to pinpoint cyber events within metric streams, aligning these events with the stages of a cyber-attack’s lifecycle.  

Dashboards above use simulated data to highlight the scale of anomalies that VIBRANT detects.



Military Benefits

Identify anomalies on systems that leverage MIL-STD- 1553, ARINC-429, and CAN bus architectures to detect and defeat adversary threats. Allows mission managers and cyber-MDTs to plan and proactively monitor ongoing mission and platform lifecycles.
  • Standalone real-time Anomaly Detection for MIL-STD-1553 & ARINC 429 platforms.
  • Message data anomalies detected based on ICD model created by VIBRANT.
  • Flight Phase and Platform Physics Anomaly Detection Mission Data Capture, Curation and Analysis.
  • Nonintrusive MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429 and CAN bus extension to support platform and LRU test & evaluation.

For more information on VIBRANT, you can download an informational VIBRANT Case Study, review the VIBRANT one-pager & contact the VIBRANT Team by emailing