AI Simpliciter

AI Simpliciter is a microservice platform that combines advanced graph analytics, AI/ML infused natural language processing (NLP) and semantic technologies on a secure cloud to deliver machine intelligence to humans.



Cyber warfare is fought today on an asymmetric battlefield in which the odds are often stacked in favor of an agile and anonymous adversary. Existing defensive technologies such as antivirus, intrusion detection, and code hardening toolchains can only partially level the field.


Securboration’s DESIDe product is aligned to the USAF’s Vision of an Integrated Digital Ecosystem. It is designed to support the entire DoD Acquisition Community


Genesis automatically maintains a living state of Foundational Military Intelligence (FMI) entities and creates dynamic operational environment models providing analysts, planners, and operators greater situational understanding and decision advantage at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of conflict and competition.


Rampart is a learning-based application fortification tool that ensures the correct operation of deployed software. It includes both a monitoring runtime and an instrumentation toolchain.



VIBRANT is defensive cyber technology that will monitor mission-critical cyber-assets, using novel machine learning techniques, to identify in near real-time, any anomalous behaviors in these assets that might be indicative of attack, misconfiguration, or misuse.