Digital Engineering Supporting Intelligent Decisions (DESIDe™)

Securboration’s DESIDe™ system implements what can be viewed as a “Model-Based Program Management (MBPM™) approach to managing large-scale programs that is aligned to the USAF and USN Vision of an Integrated Digital Ecosystem. It is designed to support the entire DoD Acquisition Community by providing an intuitive user experience to access Program, Business, Engineering, Test and Evaluation, Manufacturing, Quality, and Logistical data for specific programs/contracts and support the user’s ability to cross-reference the data between programs/contracts. Providing this type of access to the “Authoritative Source of Truth” for each program across the entire acquisition community allowing the team to not just build better systems better but to build systems better.

US Air Force Digital Engineering Campaign

US Navy Digital Engineering Transformation Strategy


DESIDe™ has been designed to connect/link the Program/Business Management data products (WBS, SOW, IMP/IMS, Cost) directly to the System Engineering and Maintenance data products (System Architecture, System Model, System Requirements, System Test Procedures/Reports, R&M Data) and to create a single desktop environment to provide program managers, business managers, chief engineers, IPT Leads, … the information they need to make quantitative-based decisions on the challenging problems that are made every day during the execution of complex development, production, and maintenance programs. The DESIDe™ will be directly connected to multiple cost estimating models that can be invoked to provide real-time forecast/estimates for the program termed Modeled Cost Work Scheduled (MCWS™) which can be fully integrated with the standard Performance Measurement Baseline(PMB) parameters of BCWS, ACWP, and BCWP.

The Securboration Team has developed the core DESIDe™ software architecture and initial implementation which provides 3 Primary Dashboards for

1) Program Document Analysis
2) Program Cost Analysis
3) Program Asset Status

Document Analysis
Cost Analysis
Asset Status


DESIDe™ provides the User with the ability to manage and analyze standard program products such as Work Breakdown Structure, Statement of Work, Integrated Master Plan, Earned Value Management Data, System Requirements Specification, System Test Procedures, System Test Reports, Maintenance Data. In addition, the User can manage and analyze user-defined products that may be in the form of .jpegs, .pdfs, .docx, … and properly associate these user-defined products to the standard program products. DESIDe™ provides the User with the ability to traverse all these products from a single location and move freely from product to product based
on “hard-wired” connections established thru the WBS or “logical” connections established based on common “topics” expressed in the products themselves.

DEISDe™ also provides the User the ability to quantitively analyze cost/EVMS data associated with all of the related contracts from a single location. The User can compare cost performance information from 1 program/contract to another and can drill down into the performance of a single program to analyze the BCWS, BCWP, ACWP for individual WBS elements. The User can also integrate the results of specific “cost models” and display those predictions directly integrated with the baseline cost performance data of a specific program/contract.

In addition, DESIDe™ provides the User the ability to manage and analyze maintenance data collected during the Operations and Sustainment phase of the program. The User can initiate queries from the maintenance data to retrieve driving system requirements and design/test information on the specific item to better understand the key elements of the system that are driving the maintenance activity and associated cost.

The Securboration Digital Engineering Team continues to work closely with USAF and USN customers to further mature the DESIDe™ product to support the Digital Engineering Vision of of the future.