AI Simpliciter

AI Simpliciter is a microservice platform that combines advanced graph analytics, AI/ML infused natural language processing (NLP) and semantic technologies on a secure cloud to deliver machine intelligence to humans. Using advanced NLP and deep learning, AI Simpliciter extracts meaningful relations in text (e.g., entities, events and roles) across multiple data sources. These relations are then defined in a knowledge graph to gain insights and knowledge through deductive/probabilistic reasoners and machine learning algorithms. AI Simpliciter uses machine generated stories and graphics to package analytic insights into easy to digest reports. As a micorservice platform, AI Simpliciter is designed to make it easy to create data work flows to support a variety of analytic uses cases that combines a security model to control who has access to what data.

Data-rich organizations struggle to extract value from their unstructured data. AI Simpliciter helps organizations reduce the amount of work required to analyze and make sense of large volumes of data. AI Simpliciter is engineered to keep pace with the latest breakthroughs in text analytics such as AI/Deep Learning applications and Natural Language Processing. As a cloud-based platform, multiple organizations (e.g. Air Force, OSD and USTRANSCOM) may utilize its services at scale in a secure environment.

Operation business cases include:

  • Automate information discovery to accelerate the incorporation of critical information into decision making process and mission planning and, thereby, increase savings through reduced manpower time and effort.
  • Automate proactive decision support to facilitate early discovery of mission critical events through the fusion of mission data with text analytics output.
  • Enable enhanced predictive capabilities to link unstructured text sources to operational structured records and then leverage these relationships to support predictive capabilities such as more accurately forecasting future logistics requirements.
  • Exploit enterprise metadata to improve knowledge management through the use of robust, scalable document management capabilities to increase the ability of operators to search for and discover unstructured textual information related to topics of interest within the domain.