Genesis automatically maintains a living state of Foundational Military Intelligence (FMI) entities and creates dynamic operational environment models providing analysts, planners, and operators greater situational understanding and decision advantage at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of conflict and competition. Genesis was originally conceived under an SBIR Phase I/II effort, Tactical Assessment Tools for Effects-Based Assessment (TATE), which proved the concept of automating the maintenance of targeting records for assessment purposes including operational environment models so analysts could visualize the effects of the results through target systems. The objective of the follow-on Genesis effort, under a SBIR Technology Transfer Plan contract, is to take static Foundational Military Intelligence (FMI) objects (e.g. facilities, equipment, units, etc.) and automatically maintain a living state of the entity and create a dynamic operational environment model showing how various objects are related. Genesis enhances and extends the original TATE concept to process the newest data sources relevant to FMI, with a focus on tactical data sources, and expands TATE’s focus beyond tactical Battle Damage Assessment. For the STTP focused on FMI, the Securboration Team includes BigBear and focuses on an Air Force use case and system (e.g. Air Defense Forces) applicable to Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO)/Command and Control (JADC2) concepts.

In late September 2020, the Genesis effort was extended to also integrate the capability into Project ATLAS, an ACC/A2 and 363d ISR Wing sponsored and HAF A2/6 funded effort to support predictive and automated targeting and intelligence modernization. ATLAS will provide an alternate, more flexible deployment and integration environment, provided by SitScape, to rapidly introduce and integrate existing Genesis services and new capabilities to users in a continuous delivery pipeline reducing engineering costs and allowing more unique solutions to be introduced at the best possible speed. These services may be commercial or government-off-the-shelf or tailored solutions.

Genesis applies advanced natural language processing (NLP) to existing intelligence sources combined with a semantic-based recommendation system, including ICD 203 compliant confidence values, to monitor and update entity records and system models. The Securboration team successfully demonstrated Genesis as a TRL 4 system in June 2020 and will further test the system in a relevant environment with additional tactical data sources by December 2020 to reach TRL 6.