Strategic Cyber

Strategic Cyber is now a part of Rampart AI™

Securboration’s Cyber Security Group investigates cutting edge cybersecurity issues. The group has conducted full-spectrum cybersecurity research for AFRL, ONR, DARPA, and DOT&E among others.

The group’s work is centered around the development of autonomic techniques operating at machine time that (1) perform proactive defensive maneuvers that reduce the likelihood of cyber-attack success while (2) facilitating automated response to attacker activities under the pessimistic assumption that even the strongest of defenses will eventually be breached. Areas of active research within the group are outlined below.

Machine Learning

  • Identify adversary activity within fielded mission-critical systems.
  • Derive models of expected system behavior from unstructured data sources.
  • Infer rules governing correct system operation from telemetry streams.

Application Fortification

  • Detect and block unusual application behaviors before they result in exploitation.
  • Alert operators to incorrect operation of software systems deployed remotely and at scale.
  • Develop instrumentation tools that transform code into a more secure and easily monitored form.

Service armor

  • Proactively and reactively mutate deployed service-oriented architectures in a manner that is difficult to scan or invade without detection.

Application repair

  • Diagnose emergent problems within deployed software systems.
  • Synthesize repairs for broken deployments with minimal human interaction.

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